Custom Framework

The SiteManager design framework includes a Bootstrap 4 and jQuery boilerplate. If you want you can remove these standard libraries and build your own.

Note: The Standard SiteManager framework facilitates our design and page component libraries. Only change these settings if you are sure you want to work on another framework and not use these libraries. 

The internet landscape is continuously changing. New (javascript) libraries and frameworks are born all the time. At SiteManager we always evolve alongside these trends.

The SiteManager Code environment can facilitate all front-end frameworks.


Step 1. Go to the code environment

To change the setup files included in every layout of your website you need to go to the Code Application.

You can use the left or right menu (see pic below)



Step 2. Project Setup

In the code overview page look Project Setup and click the button.


Step 3. Custom Header Files

On the project Setup page scroll to the bottom until you see the Header Files Setup card.


If you made changes you can always restore our default Boilerplate by clicking the icon next to the title and select Set Default Header.

Select (or deselect) to include jQuery and the SiteManager sGrid.css file in your project.

Next you find the header code that's included in every design build layout of your website. It uses the settings needed for the SiteManager library components. Changes this might cause them to break, so be carefull. However you can add your own custom header here and click save.

If you have changed the header settings you still need to republish the layouts in the design section of the project:

save layouts