Custom Integrations

If you're using the SiteManager cookie module and you need to load in scripts from an external provider, check out this article.

In most of the cases when you add a custom integration, the scripts will be automatically minified and compressed by our Pagespeed Module in the Code App.

This can sometimes cause errors, and therefore we've provided script tags to exclude these scripts. Add 'data-smps-nocombine' to the script tag to exclude it from being combined and compressed with other JS files.

<script data-smps-nocombine type="text/javascript" src="swfiles/body/sw.js"></script>

If you use the move to bottom exception tag 'data-smps-movebottom' this enforces to move the JS link to the bottom page when it's being published.

<script data-smps-movebottom type="text/javascript" src="swfiles/body/sw.js"></script>

As a developer you can manually add these data tags in your HTML code.

Plugin Component

However it's also possible to add your scripts directly in the cms for example with a Plugin Component where you can input scripts and iframes. This will make sure you can run the script on a specific page.

Layout Component

If you wanna add a script to multiple pages at once the best way to do this is make a Layout Component or add the script in the header files of an existing Layout Component. For this you need access the the SiteManager Code App.

Project Setup

If you wanna add scripts for all your pages at once you're able too add the code in the Project Setup where you find the Header Files Setup