Editing company Information

Setup your company and team to start collaborating inside the SiteManager platform.

Login to your SiteManager Dashboard to change your Company Information. If you don't have a PRO or AGENCY plan you won't be able to activate a campany profile.


Click Account & Billing on the left menu and select Company Info.


Fill in your company information here such as name, email, website...
(1) You can set your Collaborative Agency settings to private if you don't wanna be found on the SIteManager Connect Website.

(2) You can set your Collaborative Freelance settings to private if you don't want other agencies finding you to work together on projects.


To make it easy for other agencies and potential clients to find your company on the SIteManager Connect Website we made it possible to connect tags that respresent  the company's vision. These tags will be used for our filters to find the right profile.

If all fields are filled in correctly and the right tags are selected you need to save the changes. Your company will now be added to the SiteManager Connect Database and will be publicly displayed based on the choices you've made in 'collaborative settings'. This is how it could look like in the company overview:


In the next step we will build our Company Portfolio