Google Analytics

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  1. Install from Upgrade Center
  2. Connecting with Google Analytics
    1. Retrieving your GA Code
    2. Connect with your GA Code


Google Analytics will track the visitors for your website. It's required that you have a Google account in order to use Google Analytics.

Improve your Analytics knowledge by watching the following video and start using it with full power.


1.   Install from Upgrade


1.a.   Go to the upgrade store and click manage on the SEO and Analytics section.



1.b.   Search for Google Analytics and click add to site.



2.   Connecting with Google Analytics


2.a.   Retrieve your Google Analytics Code

  1. Sign in to you Google Analytics account
  2. Click the Admin button at the bottom of the left page. (image A)
  3. Open Tracking Info in the second column and select Trackingcode. (image B)
  4. Copy your Tracking-ID.
    1. example: UA-XXXXXXXXX-1


image A


image B



2.b.   Connect with your Google Analytics Code

  1. Click the Connect Google Analytics button in SiteManager. (image C)
  2. Paste your Code that you retrieved from step 2.a.
  3. Now click the Connect button and your Google Analytics is connected with your website in SiteManager.


image C



Do not forget to publish all pages of your website when you have updated your Google Analytics KEY.