CMS updates (upgrade center)

There are many additional CMS features available in the CMS Updates section of the upgrade center. Similar to page components you can pick and choose which features your project needs.

If you started from a theme it's likely that some of these features have already been installed. If you don't see the feature on the list of the CMS updates page it's already installed.


Upgrade Center

Click on the menu button on the top right hand of your page. Then click the upgrade center.


CMS Updates

Once inside the Upgrade Center go to the CMS Updates by click on the blue Manage button.


There are 3 important updates that benefit most projects.

- Advanced item options: Adds the option button to page components: duplicate, move between pages, etc...

- Copy pages: copy entire pages in one click.

- Invisible pages: removes page from visual menu of the website, used for internal links to hidden pages



Other CMS Updates that are important:

- Submenu: add a submenu to your website

- Open Graph: when you edit your page you can add open graph properties. The open graph text, description and image show up when you share the page on social media

- File Management: Add files for download.

- Cookie Accept Warning: add a cookie banner to your website.

- Google verification file: upload your verification file for google webmaster

- External link Pages: Option to add an external link to a page in your main menu.

- Favicon: add a favicon (in all sizes) to your website project.

- Sitemap: create or upload your own sitemap