Multiple Layouts

When we started from scratch we build our content layout first. If we started from a theme it's possible we already have multiple layouts added to our project.

Good names for a layout to start with are "main", "content" or "homepage". These all have lower case letters to better identify them from our Pages.

If we want to create a new layout it's recommended that we start by copying another one. This will create linked elements which we will explain later.

Create layout

Navigate to the Design Overview in the design application. You find this in the menu in the upper left corner. Choose a name for the layout and press the green create new button.


Copy layout

Click the copy button of the layout you want to start from. If no elements of the layout are similar you can always create a new layout.



Type in the layout name and click the copy button.



Click the edit button to open the design editor.



Design editor

In the design editor you see linked icon next to the design elements that are here from the original layout. If you delete them they will only be deleted in this layout.

In this example we are going to add a hero slider to the header of the page. We click the plus icon, browse the design library and install the hero slider (under sliders) and click the add to site button



The hero slider is installed. As you notice there is no link icon next to this design element.


Style the hero slider any way you want and click the save layout to save the layout. Now the layout is ready to be used in the CMS platform.

If you started the layout from scratch you'll see no save layout button. Before we get the option to save the layout we need to add something to the content. Just like we did in the header we can add the Full Width Content to the page. Once this is installed you see the blue Activate Layout button.


Once clicked the layout is activated the button changed to a save layout button. If at anytime some changes you made don't come through, you can click the save layout button to ensure all changes are made properly.

Click the menu button in the top left corner to go to the CMS app. (don't forget to publish the layout before doing so)


Change layout

Navigate to the CMS application by pressing Edit Content in the menu. On the left you find the Change Page Layout button where you can change the layout for all your pages.



Select the layout for this page from the available options. Notice that you can now change the layout to the newly added homepage.