How to save components to your private library?

As creator you want to limit repetitive work. That's why the re-usability of components is an important feature in SiteManager. Learn how to save components to your private library.


If you want to save components to your private library, watch the video above or follow the steps below. 


save to private library

Navigate to the section on your page. Click on the more options icon. Select "Save To Library".


save to private library (2)

You now see the "Publish to library" side panel. Let's explain some of its features. In case you collaborate with more than one team, you can have access to more than one library. 

2. Select the library of your choice. Choose a label name for your component. Write a description. Further define your options. 

  • Available: Make your component available for other team members. 
  • Locked: Prevent your team members to overwrite this component with changes. 

Further define your settings in case you build more complex components that are linked to a tool stack, or work with an API key or token. 

3. Click "publish" to save this component to your private library. 


save to private library (3)

You now made this component available in your private library. Let's show where to find it.

4. Navigate on the page and click the blue "+" icon to add a section on your page. Select "Choose from library".


save to private library (4)

5. Navigate and click Private Library. In this view you see the private libraries you have access to. Notice that USP Banner is added to the private library Digital Heroes.