Image settings & info

This article explains how to change your image information and SEO settings.

In this article

  1. Image information
  2. Image SEO
  3. Responsive sizes
  4. Image being used in your project



1. Image information

First of all we need to go to the settings page of an image. This can be done by hovering over an image in the Image Libary. Then select the settings button.

The image Settings page allows you to see and change your image information such as the filename.




2. Image SEO

Image Filename

Search engines such a Google will look at an image to know what it is about. A better name gives you to opportunity to rank higher in image search. Make sure to create short, contextual filenames for each image that features important keywords.



Only use letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens in file names.

Image Title and Description

The image description gives search engines context for your image. This helps search engines understand the meaning of your image without even looking at it.



  • Keep it short, under 125 characters
  • Keep the text natural and descriptive


3. Responsive sizes

SiteManager's Image Library creates automatically responsive variants of images you upload to ensure they load in fast on any device. This can help your mobile pages load up multiple times faster.

Manage responsive sizes

We generate responsive variants for tablet and mobile when you upload images, but it is even possible to manually upload your own responsive images.

Just delete the responsive variant and upload your own image. This can be even a whole different image, the chose is yours.



4. Images being used

Want to know where the image is being used inside your project, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to get a quick overview.


This is very helpful when you want to delete an image in your Image Library when it tells you it can't be deleted because your using the image in your poject.