JavaScript Editing

Inside the code editor, you can create custom JavaScript for your page component

JS Editor (1)

To open the JS editor simply click the JS tab on top of the code editor bar.


There are two ways to manipulate the JavaScript of your page component. You can simply add your JavaScript code in the editor (2) or use the design panels for the design editor (3)(4).


JS editing (2)

Any JavaScript you add here will be added to your website. All Javascript (and CSS) will be compressed and combined automatically with the page speed module.


Design Panels (3)

When clicking this button a right panel will open showing the design panels attached to this component. 

A Design Panel is a way for non-coding designers to manipulate the CSS and JavaScript of the components. 


Start Panel (4)

The properties of the first panel that generates JavaScript will be opened. If there is no such panel set you will not see this button.