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How to navigate through the project environment?

This article gives you an overview of the items and buttons in the navigation.

In the project environment you'll find two navigation bars at the top. These are used to navigate through the different modules and views of the project. 

In the top left you'll find the the logo with the main navigation.

  • Logo: The SiteManager logo will return you to the content view of your homepage.
  • Co-branding (optional): If you have co-branding enabled, you'll see your company logo side by side with ours.
  • Project: here you will find everything that has to do with the content or the settings of your project. You can also quit the project by clicking dashboard.
  • Media: here you can access the images and other media files in the media library.
  • Databases (if activated): if databases have been installed from premium modules & integrations, you can find all installed databases in this menu.
  • Design: under this menu you'll be able to set and edit the design of your website.
  • Developer: In this tab you'll find more advanced features and you'll be able to access the code of the website.
  • Help: Here you'll be able to quickly access our knowledge base or contact our support team.

At the top right you'll find the view and publish button

  • View: visit the url of the website.
  • Publish: opens up the publish sidepanel to publish your website to the world wide web.

In the secondary navigation you'll find some interesting features:

  • Layout panel (only in design view): this button opens up the sidebar with the design panels.
  • SEO status: The color of the dot indicates if your page is optimized for search engines. If you hover on it, you'll get a score and suggestions on how to improve it. You'll also see the performance of your page on Google Pagespeed Insights.
  • Language dropdown: If the language module is active in the project, you'll have a dropdown to select your language.
  • Pages dropdown: With this dropdown you can select which page you want to edit in the cms.
  • Content & design view buttons: With these two buttons you can switch between the content and design view. 
    • The content view allows you to edit the content of your page.
    • The design view allows you to edit the design of your page via the design panels.
  • Devices: Here you can choose to view your page on different devices. 
  • Pause selector (only in design view): You can use this button to pause the design selector. This is helpful when you want to inspect your page and test hover effects or navigate through your website by clicking on links.
  • Refresh page

Different navigation for each user 

The navigation is tailored to the user type. As a project owner you're a creator and you'll be able to see every option in the navigation. A content editor such as your client will only see projects, media and help.

  • What a project owner sees:

  • What a content editor sees:

If you have enabled co-branding and custom help pages, a content editor will also see the logo and the help item.