Dashboard for Projects Users

Project users can now easily access project(s) through the dashboard.

In this article

  1. Meet your dashboard
    1. Sorting projects
    2. Search for projects
    3. Favorite a project
    4. Account Settings
  2. General project settings
    1. View comments
    2. Request installation of modules
    3. Project analytics


1. Meet your dashboard

When you're invited as a project user to a project, you’ll first be taken to your personal dashboard. Here, you can view all your projects.


1.a. Sorting projects

By default, your projects are sorted by date created. You can also sort them alphabetically or by last edited.



1.b. Searching for projects

If you're invited to multiple projects, you can find a specific project quickly by using the search bar to search at the top of the dashboard.dashboard-search


1.c. Favorite a project

You can add each project to your favorites by selecting the heart icon. Favoriting projects allows you to list those projects in a separate overview.



1.d. Account Settings

Change your email, name and add your profile picture.account-settings-user



2. General project settings

In the general settings of a project you can view comments, request certain modules and integrations to be installed and view project analytics.

2.a. View Comments


2.b. Request installation of modules and integrations 


2.c. View project analytics