Publish to Private Library

Add a layout or page component to a Private Library slot.

Code Editor

Go to the code editor of the component you want to add to your Private Library.

For a page component open the options menu and click Code.


For a layout component go to the design editor. Open the options menu in the sidebar and click Code.


Library Publish

In the code editor open the settings menu(1) and click Library Publish(2).


The right panel will open.

Select the options and publish the component to a private slot.


(1) If you are a company member you will be able to select to which library you want to publish the component.

(2) Set the name of the component

(3) Set a short description (optional)

(4) Locked: non-admin team members can overwrite this component

(5) Available: non-admin team members can add this component to a project

(6) Click to publish this component to the selected library


After the component is published you can close the panel.


Overwrite Component

When you have published or added a private component to a project you will be able to update the published version.

Note: Updating the library component will not update the projects where this component has been installed. 


(1)-(4): update the component properties. (see above)

Overwrite (5): Publish the updated component to your library.

Unlink(6): If you don't want to overwrite the component but add a new version to the private library you first need to unlink the component.