Redirect Module

With the redirect module you're able too migrate pages from old websites, change directory, setup custom urls, 301 pages, 404 page, www redirect, .. Go to the Upgrade Center & choose for SEO & Analytics. Add the Redirect Module to your site here.


After the installation you will be redirected to the module. You can also find a button that brings you to the module in the left sidebar navigation under settings.


First choose the redirect type (1) you want to add. We have 8 options to choose from. Fill in the redirect from (2) field and the page, url or path it needs to redirect to (3). Click the green plus button (4) to add the redirect rule. When you finish adding all redirects you can publish (5) the .htaccess file to the server.

Always look at the placeholders of the field you have to fill in, you need to use the same syntax that's used in the example.