Add a database list to a page

Drag and drop

Create a new page or go to the page where you want to add the list component. Search for the database list in left bar of the the visual CMS. Drag and drop the component on your page.

In the example below we are going to add a blog list to the page.



If you already have a list installed and you want to change it's settings. Hover over the component and click the edit button like you would do for any other page component.



Database list form

Here are the properties you will need to set-up for your list to work:


(1) Select the category you want to show

(2) Check which filters you want to use and which status they should have

(3) How should the list be ordered? Select the field and ordering preference (ascending or descending)



(4) Check the display options:

- How many entries do you want to show on your page matching the category and filters? If you select '0' (zero) all entries will be shown.

- Do you want to show the pagination buttons if needed?

- What database page does the detail page belong to?


Publish your website to see the result and visit the detail pages.

Tip: use filters like published to create database entries that you don't want showing up on your website until you want to.