Edit entry

Open entry form

If you added a new entry you will enter this form after setup (see previous article).

When you go to database management you are able to browse or search for your article and click the blue edit button.



Edit form

Editing a database entry works in the same way as a page component. The big difference is that you will find the entry setup on top of the page. Click the open/close button if you want to change the input of the setup fields.

In most cases the information for the list will be available on the first level of the form with a second button leading to the form where you build the detail page. This structure can be different depending on how your database was set-up.



Setup form

Most of the time (not always) you will see a setup button on top of the entry form. This setup will need to be edited the first time you add entries to your database. This data will be used for all entries. So you only need to fill it in once. If you want to make changes you only need to change it once and it will be applied to all entries.



Mostly setup input will be text for buttons and other general elements. See example: