Custom CMS topbar for your clients

The Custom CMS topbar can only be added if you have a premium SiteManager plan. Pro and Agency users can add a custom support button to the visual CMS topbar.

This allows your clients to contact you in the way you like to be contacted. Add a phone number, contact form or link to ticket platform.

Agency plan users can also add their logo and two more buttons to the CMS topbar.

All users can add a custom background to the CMS login screen by installing this addon:


These custom pages will be shown on all your projects!

Install Add-On

Go to SiteManager Add-Ons and install Custom CMS topbar:


When installed click CMS topbar to edit.

Custom Support Button (PRO + AGENCY plan)

Here are the steps to create a custom support button for your clients:


(1) Switch the support button on to activate it

(2) Type in the name for your support button

(3) Click save to change the name for your support button

(4) Click manage page to edit your support page

(5) If you like to add two more buttons and upload your logo next to the one of SiteManager upgrade your account to agency.

Manage custom page

Here are the steps to create your custom page:

supportpage 2

(1) Activate if you want the button to link to an external website

(2) Save your external link (if activated)

(3) Add content to your page. You can select your own HTML code or a Contact Form.

(4) Click to add the selected content to your page

(5) Edit the content

(6) Change the order of the content items

(7) Delete content items from your page

(8) Cancel and return to the previous page

(9) Save your changes.

The results are immediately shown on all your projects:


When a client clicks the support button your custom page slides open in the CMS.


Co-branding (AGENCY plan)

If you don't have a agency plan you can upgrade your plan anytime.

With a agency plan you can add two additional buttons to the visual CMS and integrate your logo next to the SiteManager logo.


(1) Activate extra button

(2) Edit your page. Works exactly like the support button described above.

(3) Add a custom logo


(1) Select the logo from your computer. Upload a transparent PNG file with dimensions 180 x 40 pixels.

(2) Click Save to upload your file

(3) Click Cancel to return to the previous page

(4) Delete your logo

(5) Preview of how your logo will look in the SiteManager CMS for you and your clients.