Manage Project Users

Add users to your project

There are two types of users you can add to your project. Professional users and Client users. The difference is that Professional users can have access to the Design and/or Developer back-end of the project.

When you have a PRO plan you can add 1 Professional user to your project. When you have an AGENCY plan you can add up to 5 Professional users to your project.

You can always add unlimited CMS users.


(1) Click Add User


If you add a user and don't activate the Design and/or Developer app the new user is always considered a CMS user. When you add a CMS user the permission to use the upgrade store will be enabled by default. You can deactivate this later. More about permissions below.


(1) Fill in the email, firs name and family name of the user

(2) Activate the Design app for the user (optional)

(3) Activate the Developer app for the user (optional)

(4) To be able to use the Design and Developer app the user must create his own SiteManager account with the email used in (1)

(5) Click save to create the user

Your client will receive an email with instructions to activate the account, when the account is activated there's a new email send with instructions on how to login in their project. The URL they receive in this email is the only URL they're able to login with on a project. End-users are not able to login through the SiteManager dashboard.

User Management

All users will be listed on the settings page of your project.

(1) Click the envelope button to send an activation e-mail to the user. The user will be able to set his own password for the project. If the user already has a SiteManager account the project will be added to his account. If a user has a green envelope next to his name it means he has not activated his account yet. If the button is grey, it means the user has activated his account.

(2) Click here to change the CMS permissions for the user. Explained below.

(3) Click edit to change the user to a professional (design/developer) or CMS

(4) Remove the user from the project


User Permissions

Every user can have specific restrictions to the project. When you add a CMS user the access to the Upgrade Store will be revoked as shown in the picture below. You can reactivate it and add additional restrictions to the user.Screenshot_126


(1) a list of restrictions for the selected user

(2) remove a restriction for the user. In this example the user will be able to access the upgrade store after removing this restriction.

(3) Select any restriction from the list and click (4) to add it to the user