Create a database component

You can create any structure for your detail page. A database entry component works in exactly the same way as a static page component (visit article). The difference is that they will be edited in the database management page of the selected database.

Go to the developer homepage. Click database components.


Add a new database component. Input a name for your component and click add component.


When you added a database component you can click edit code to add the code for the detail page and use the form builder to create the input variables.


The code editor is the almost exactly the same as the page components. Here are some key differences:

(1) The database component is checked

(2) Select the database to which the component is related. (Multiple databases can be added to one project)

(3) Some new special database variables are available to add to your code:

[:swprodbackbtn:] generates the link to return to the list where you came from. (only use this if you are working with database lists, explained in the next articles)

[:swprodnextbtn:] generates the link to the next article from the list. (only works when lists are used)

[:swprodprevbtn:] generates the link to the previous article from the list. (only works when lists are used)

Important information

When you add input variables that you want to use in a database list you have to make sure these input variables are available on the first level of a single item of your database component. This will be explained more in detail in the database list article.editcode