Database Categories

You can manage the categories, list and order fields on the CMS page of your database.


Database Management

There are multiple ways to access your database management. You can always go directly by clicking the link on the left sidemenu in the CMS Application.



You can also go via the settings page of the project. Click settings on upper right corner.



Manage Categories

On the database management page you will see that there are no records and items available. We will create our example entry in a next article. First we are going to determine which categories our database will have.

These categories are used to create list queries. You can always delete or add categories later but the best practice is to create them before the end-client is inputting new entries.

Click Manage Categories.



As you can see our main category from the set-up is already available. We can add another main category or click the main category to add sub categories. We are going to do the latter.



We add sub categories to the main category. In this example we added Online and Newsletters as two sub categories.


(1) It's also possible to add new sub categories to these categories. Categories can go as deep as you want them to.

(2) You can also change the order of the categories by using the drag and drop handlers.


Return to the database management page when you are done.