What is smart content?

With the SiteManager Smart Content Module you can personalize the content for the visitors of your website. You can also use it for AB testing and building password protected pages.


There are 5 different aspects of the Smart Content module:

1. Personalised Content

With smart content you can create a personalised digital experience for your website visitors.

We group the visitor interests and past behavior in different segments. Using our smart rules set we can create specific content for every group or combination of groups.

2. AB testing

It's important to test crucial parts of your website with different iterations of content and/or design.

This can easily be implemented with this module. 

3. Timed Content

Change content depending on the time of day or date range. Can also be used to create content that's only available between certain date ranges.

4. Password protected pages

Build a login system with password protected content for website visitors.

5. Integrations (API)

Integrate a login platform for protected pages or load extra data from another platform.