Meta Tags

To optimize your page for SEO it's important to add meta tags to your pages. SEO optimization features can be added to your project from the upgrade store.

Upgrade Store

Click the blue upgrade store button on the top bar. Go to SEO and Analytics section and click view upgrades.


Click add to site for SEO module.


SEO meta tag settings

Click the settings link in the left sidebar. Then click SEO optimalisation.


Here you will find all web pages in the project. You can edit title, description and keyword meta tags for all languages. Click save to update all pages at once.


Page Management

It's also possible to edit the meta tags for a specific page only. Go to page management via the left sidebar link.


Click the edit button next to the page you want to change the meta tags for.

You will notice that the meta tags: title, description and keywords are also available here. Click save.


Do not forget to publish your website when you have updated the meta tags for a web page.