PRO User(s)

PRO users are users with design and or developer access to the project. Depending on your SiteManager Studio plan you will be able to add one or multiple PRO users to your project.

This can happen during any phase of the project.


Add PRO User(s)

Log in your SiteManager account and go to the settings page of the project where you wish to add a PRO user.



On the settings page of the project click the add user button.



Fill in the e-mail address, first and last name for the user. Be sure to check Design and / or Developer app to on.

When you add a designer it's not necessary to add the developer app. However when you add a developer it's recommended to also give access to the design application as the developer might need to built design elements.

Every user you add to a project will have CMS access.



After the PRO user has been added notice if the envelope is green or grey. If the envelope is green the user doesn't have an activated account. Click the enveloppe button to send an invitation e-mail to this user.


When this user log's in his SiteManager Studio dashboard he will see project and will be able to log-in. He cannot go to the settings page, set the project online or add premium modules. This can only be done by the project owner.