Color palette & scheme

No matter how you started your website (from scratch, layout or theme), it's highly probable that you will need to change the color palette of your project.

The color palette are the main colors used for the website project. They will be used throughout the entire project scope (design, cms and developer).

Design Home

Login to your project (with design rights activated) and visit the design application.


In this and the next 2 articles we are going to discuss the top 3 design setup blocks on top of the page.

To change your color palette you can pick a new scheme or click the edit palette to change the colors in the current color palette.


Edit Color Palette

There are 10 colors, divided in two sections: the main color palette and the content colors.

Simply click and select the color you like for any value. Use the color picker or type the correct hexadecimal color value.

The content colors are also used in the CMS application text editor. Therefore you need to fill in the color names for each text color.


Click save and the entire project (design, content) will be updated with these new color values!

When, after a few years, the branding of the client changes you can simply change the color palette and update the entire website in one click!

Edit Color Scheme

The SiteManager design editor uses color scheme's to set the colors when installing new design elements to a layout. There is a light and dark color scheme with relations between the colors set in the color palette.

When you make changes to your color palette it is always usefull to check if the relations between the colors stay intact.


Example: You change a color in the main color palette from a light color to a dark color and this color is the background color of the web page. This change in contrast has an influence on the text copy color. These relations can be set when updating the light and dark color scheme elements.

For more information watch the video about color palette & scheme: