Web Fonts

The SiteManager platform has a standard font list with some popular Google Web fonts and system fonts.
If you like to add other Custom Fonts to the project there are 3 ways you can do so.

Go to the design home page and click custom fonts.




Google Web Front

If the google web font you need is not available in the SiteManager standard list you can easily add it.

In the Web Fonts section type in the font name and the include link to the font. You can find a link to the Googe Web Fonts here: https://fonts.google.com/.



Read the full article about google fonts here: https://support.sitemanager.io/hc/en-us/articles/209407205-SiteManager-Design-Custom-fonts-and-pictures


Adobe TypeKit

A popular font-engine among designers is Adobe TypeKit. Select TypeKit font, insert your Typekit ID and add the fonts listed in your Typekit ID.



Read the full article about Adobe Typekit here: http://knowledge.sitemanager.io/sitemanager-design/custom-fonts-adobe-typekit/how-to-implement-adobe-typekit-fonts


Upload Custom Fonts

Select the Upload Font option and add your own (ttf, otf, woff, eot and svg) font files.



Read the full article here: http://knowledge.sitemanager.io/sitemanager-design/custom-fonts-adobe-typekit/sitemanager-design-adding-custom-fonts