Content Columns (component builder)

There are many different content components in the upgrade store. When there are billions of permutations it's impossible to build them all.

Content columns (and content columns with parallax) is the most powerfull component in the library. With it you can create your own structure of elments in the CMS form editor.

The freedom you get for creating your own structure comes at a price. The many levels of depth make this component more difficult to manage then one-off specialized components. We recommend to use content columns only if you cannot find the right component in the store and do not have the skill to build your own page components in the developer.

Upgrade Store

Install the content columns component from the upgrade store. Click add to site.


Add Content Columns to page

Simply drag and drop the content columns element from the component list on the page.


Edit Content Columns

The form editor will open when you dropped the component on the page or clicked the edit button when you hovered it.

You can add regular content or a tile as a column.


You can set the width of the column for every device (large desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones). The maximum width of a column is always 12 (taking the entire row).

Click save if you changed the column properties.

Click edit content to add elements to you created column.


Add different types of content to the column or tile and edit them.


Below is an example of a simple structure build with content columns. Click the edit button to open the form editor.