Story Chief Integration

Story Chief Integration with SiteManager

storychief sitemanager

Story Chief lets you distribute content from one place to different marketing channels. Create highly engaging stories which match the look and feel of your channels.

Visit Story Chief to setup your account for this guide.

Step 1: Install premium module 'Story Chief'

  • Login to your dashboard, go to the settings page1 of your project.
  • First you need to install 'Database' module2 as this will be needed to push your article of Story Chief into your project.
  • Next 'Story Chief' module3 will be available to install.


settings page


premium module


premium module installed

Step 2: Install 'Story Chief' database in project

  • Login to your project and go to the Developer

  • Go to 'Install Databases'4 and install the first database Story Chief (special database)5


install database


storychief database

Step 3: Create API Key in your Story Chief platform

  • Login to your Story Chief account
  • In Channels, select 'Custom CMS'6
  • Add a new destination7
  • Copy your new API Key8
  • Important Don't select 'save settings' yet. We will do this step later. Keep this page open in a separate tab.


new api


new destination



Step 4: 'Story Chief' module Setup

  • Go to the Settings

page in your project

  • Select 'Story Chief Settings'9
  • Got through all of the 7 steps10-17


storychief settings


step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

storychief linked

Step 5: Insert webhook and save settings in Story Chief platform

  • Head back to your Story Chief account
  • Now paste your webhook link that you copied in step 7 of the setup
  • Select 'save settings'
  • Once your webhook is set in Story Chief, you should see it has been authenticated18
  • If you see an error19, please contact us

Image18 - success

api success-2

Image19 - fail

api fail-2

Step 6: Set everything correct in SiteManager CMS

  • Add the page component 'Story Chief Grid'20 to a page in your project
  • Important Set the setup of both page component and database21-22
  • Important Publish your project in SiteManager


add list view


comp setup



Step 7: Create a test story in Story Chief platform

  • Create a test story in Story Chief
  • Publish23-24 your story
  • Visit25 your test story live at your project site


publish story-2


publish story 2-2


all done-2

Now all your future stories will be automatically added to your project. There is no need to republish your project in SiteManager.

Extra Steps

  • You can restyle your story in SiteManager with the Design App
  • Translate your story in Story Chief if you using a multilanguage project in SiteManager

Any questions about this integration? Please contact us at