Advanced options for page components

In SiteManager, the settings of a page element can be set individually by clicking the gear icon when hovering a specific page element.


Every element has it's own settings (as shown below):

Settings of page elements 2
  1. The visible button allows the user to show or to hide the entire element.

    ATTENTION: Underneath the language the word Invisible is being displayed (works the other way around):

    - ON => invisible
    - OFF => visible

    Example: element has to be hidden in every situation

    - Visibilty=> OFF
    - Dutch Invisible => ON
    - English invisible=> ON

  2. Copy item to make an exact duplicate of it. It is copied at the bottom of the page you're working on.

  3. Move item to move the element to another page.

    TOOL TIP: copying and moving items might save time when they have to be implemented on multiple pages.

  4. Margin botton is to add extra whitespacing beneath the component. You can also use the 'shift' icons in the visual interface of the elements.