File Manager

The File Management is being used to make PDF's and other documents available through a download on the website. The user can choose to integrate a download link or to let a file immediately open when clicking the icon or linked text.

Install File Management from the Upgrade Store

File Management can be found in the section: System Updates. (more information about the upgrade store)

File Management 1

If this functionality has already been installed, you can use the Quick Navigation to use the File Manager.

File Management 2

How to use the File Manager

By clicking the button Add file, you'll be able to add one or more items from a local map on your computer. There are two ways to add files:

  1. Click on the Add file button
  2. Click on select file or drag and drop the right file to the light grey area below the green button.
File Management 3

As soon as the files are added, these will be displayed in the overview.