Add new database entry

Add new entry

There are two ways to input a new entry in your database:

1) Go to a page where your database list is rendered.

Select the entry you want and click the add button.


2) Open the database management homepage. (see previous article: getting started)

Select the entry and click the add button.


Entry setup

Before you can edit your entry you need to set it up.


(1) Check the categories to which your entry belongs

(2) Check the filters to determine that determine the status of your entry.

(3) Add the page title, description and keywords for your detail page

(4) Add the open graph information (when available). This information is used when your detail-page is shared among social networks.

(5) Type in the filter data. This data is used to order the entries in a list.

Click save and start edit or click back to return to the database start page.