Cloudshops by KMO Shops

Offering e-commerce was never so easy. makes it simple to add an e-commerce module to your customer's website. offers e-commerce as a service. What does that mean? They fully implement and customise the e-commerce module, to match the needs of your customer. In the meanwhile, you can focus on building professional websites.

Note: A 20% discount is provided to all SiteManager clients as part of an exclusive deal with

Step 1: Install the Cloudshops - SiteManager add-on

Login to your dashboard, go to Add-Ons and install Cloudshops as explained here:

(visual from cloudshops in add-ons library)

Step 2: Link Cloudshops to a project

Go to the settings page of the project you want to add Cloudshops to.

- Click the button "add cloudshops"

==> By activating cloudshops, you will add a cloudshop user to your project. The cloudshop team will see your project in their SiteManager dashboard and will receive a mail that you want to start a new e-commerce project.

Step 3: Install module and E-commerce set-up

  • Cloudshops will contact you to discuss the project details
  • Cloudshops will add the e-commerce module to your project
  • Cloudshops will configure the e-commerce module
  • Cloudshops will provide training on how to manage the e-commerce module

Step 4: Manage your e-commerce

Cloudshop's e-commerce solution is fully integrated within SiteManager. This means your customer can manage the shop from within SiteManager CMS.