Connected Databases: filter

Databases can interact with eachother in various ways. In this article we are going to use the portfolio database from the previous articles. We have added a second database: People.

With the database filter option we are going to add people to our portfolio database. In the next article we are going to show how we can now render all portfolio entries where a certain person has worked on in their biography detail page.

Create database filter

Go to database management in the CMS.

Click Manage Filters.


Here we add the database filter. In this example we are adding the people database to the portfolio database component.


(1) Give a name for your filter

(2) Select the database you want to connect

(3) Click add

Click the back button to return to the database management page.


Use database filters

Click the edit button of one of your existing portfolio entries. (or create a new one).


In the entry setup form you will be able to add people to the team filter.


(1) Open the Entry Setup

(2) Open the people database next to the selected Team filter

(3) Search / browse and pick the entry you want to add

(4) See the picked entries for your Team. You can have multiple entries selected.

(5) Delete a picked entry from the filter

(6) Don't forget to click Save


Now that we have added a database filter we can create lists using this filter. In the next article we are going to show all the portfolio items a certain person worked in his biography detail page.