Mission 4: Copy pages & content


In this mission you will learn to copy pages and content in your projects. In this example we are going to copy the homepage and duplicate our blockquote component.

Step 1: Upgrade Store

We already used the Upgrade Store in mission 1 to add new page components to your website. However the upgrade store is also used to install additional features or modules to your project. In the upgrade store click the System Updates button. Select Advanced Item options and Copy Pages. Click the Add to site button on the bottom to install these upgrades. (see picture below).


Step 2: Copy the homepage

After you have installed the updates you will be redirected to page management. You can always go to page management by clicking the edit menu button in the CMS editor or the Quick navigation link Page Management. (see visual below)

02 pagemanagement

Page Management is where you are able to add new blank pages, delete pages and change the menu order.

Click the edit button (pencil icon) next to Home.

01 pagemanagement

(1) You will notice that the copy page switch has been added to the edit page form. Switch it on and type Homepage in the English copy name field.

(2) Click save to copy the page

03 copypage

After the page has been copied you will return to Page Management. The new Homepage is added to the list. Click on Homepage to open the page in the CMS editor.

04 edit homepage

Step 3: Change Homepage layout

As an additional step in this tutorial we are going to change the homepage layout to the content layout. Click the Layout button on the content action bar.

05 layout part 1

(1) Select the content layout for Homepage.

(2) Click save

(3) Click back to return to the CMS editor and see the layout change

05 layout part 2

Step 4: Duplicate content element (blockquote)

The advanced item options we installed added a new button (options) when we hover over our content elements.

Click the options button.

06 duplicate

The options button open the item properties screen.

With Item properties you can set individual content elements invisible, duplicate and move them to other pages.

In this mission we are going to duplicate the item to the top of our page.

(1) Check the duplicate item option

(2) Select Top as position where we want to see the duplicated item

(3) Click Save

(4) Click back to return to the CMS editor

07 duplicate options

When you return to the CMS editor you should see the following screen.

Click the Edit button of the duplicated blockquote on top of the page.

08 result copy

(1) Change Text to: “ Believe you can and you're halfway there “

(2) Change Author to: Theodore Roosevelt

(3) Click save

(4) Click Back

09 believe you can


10 result

Step 5: Delete Page (Homepage)

Return to Page Management

02 pagemanagement 2

(1) Click the red delete X button next to Homepage

(2) Click Yes to confirm you want to delete this page

Now the page has been removed from the project.

11 delete page


Thank you for completing these Missions. We hope you are enjoying your SiteManager journey so far. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at support@sitemanager.io.