How to add Collection Filters

Do you want to display only a certain section of your collection? Collection filters assign a status to each collection item, allowing you to show a limited selection of collection items of your choice.

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Add a collection filter

Apply a collection filter

Add a collection filter

  • Access the collection management page through the Dynamic Content drop-down menu from the dashboard upper navigation bar.
    Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 12-16-15-png
  • Select the collection to which you would like to add a filter.
        • Click the funnel icon in the left menu to manage your filters.

        • Click the pencil icon to edit one of your collection items.
        • Click the gear icon to access Open Entry Setup.Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 12-13-49-png

        • Click  + Add a new filter on the right Filters menu.
    • Name your filter by filling out the label field. 
    • Select from the drop-down menu which type of filter you would like to apply.
      • Default No
      • Default Yes
      • Connect Collection Name 1 (multi reference)
      • Connect Collection Name 1 (single reference)
      • Connect Collection Name 2 (multi reference)
      • Connect Collection Name 2 (single reference)Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 15.48.26


    Another collection can also act as a collection filter. Think of a blog collection and an author collection, where blog articles are displayed with the author who wrote them. 

    Get started with how to connect two collections here.

    • Click the Add button to create the filter.

    Apply a collection filter

    • Navigate to Filters in the right column.
      • Check the filter you want to apply
      • Browse the connected collection in the drop-down menu.
      • Select the one or multiple collection item(s) from connected collection, depending on the settings you chose when connecting your collections (single reference vs. multi reference).
    • Save your filter settings.