What are Collections?

Want to add (bulk) content - such as a blog, team, news, portfolio, etc.? Collect and store your content in a collection, allowing you to render it dynamically on your webpage.

A collection is an integral part of the Dynamic Content Module. It is a generic term often known as 'database', referring to the location in your project where you collect and store large amounts of content, such as a blog, team, news, portfolio, product catalog, jobs, etc. Collections consist of list generations and dynamic (detail) pages. Think of it as an overview page with all data, on the one hand - a blog for example, and a detail page on the other hand - a blog article, for example. 

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 15.00.49

Note: Before you can implement collections on your website, you or your project owner need to activate the Dynamic Content module in your General Project Settings.