How to add an Instagram feed to your website

Make use of live images on your website by connecting your Instagram account to your SiteManager project.

In this article

Step 1: Install the Instagram integration

Step 2: Add the Instagram Feed in the CMS

Step 3: Customize


Step 1: Install the Instagram integration

  • Log in to the web project to which you want to add your Instagram feed.

  • Navigate to Project > General settings.

  • Select Integrations.

  • Find the Instagram feed block, and click Connect.


If it's the end-user that needs to connect his website with Instagram click on the 3 dots. Here you can change the permissions.

  • Choose to connect.

  • A window will open to log in with Instagram. Please do this.

  • You connected Instagram.

  • If all is good you will see Disconnect.


Step 2: Add the Instagram Feed in the CMS

  • After adding the IG feed integration, find the newly added component element in the grid-editor.



Step 3: Customize

After creating your Instagram Feed component, you can decide to leave the component as is, or tweak it with our design panels and functionality panel.


  • Click the gear wheel in the top-left corner of the IG Feed component from the design view to access the functionality panel.