How to connect the SiteManager Form to a Mailchimp audience.

This article will explain how to connect the SiteManager form to a Mailchimp audience. Every time the form will be submitted, a new subscriber will be added to your audience.

Connecting to Mailchimp

To use the Mailchimp action, it is necessary to authenticate with Mailchimp first. We need to know in which account the subscriber needs to be added. Luckily, this is a very straightforward setup, so you'll be up and running in no time!

Mailchimp app

Mailchimp toolstack

When you install a form, the Mailchimp app (and all other relevant apps) will be automatically installed in your project. You can find the app in the toolstack section of the project.

If it's the first time authenticating with Mailchimp, you will find only a single button inside the app. By clicking on this button, a new window will be opened where you can log in to Mailchimp. You need to allow the app access to your Mailchimp account, as the integration can't work without your permission. You will see your account details after you have authenticated and authorized the app.

Mailchimp app

Be sure to save your changes by clicking the save button at the bottom of the page.

Form action

When editing your form component, you can add the Mailchimp action by clicking the 'Edit Form Actions' button. Here you can add all the actions, including the Mailchimp action.

Mailchimp action-1

  1. List ID: Select a list from this dropdown. Your list ID will be automatically filled in when you do select a list. If you don't have yet authenticated with the Mailchimp app, you won't see this dropdown.
  2. List ID (manual): The list ID of the audience to which the subscriber needs to be added. This value will be automatically filled in when selecting an audience from the dropdown. You can also manually insert the list ID here. See this article for more info about finding your list ID manually.
  3. Subscriber status: Choose whether the subscriber needs to be added directly to your audience, or that a confirmation mail needs to be sent first. We strongly advise to always send a confirmation mail, as per the GDPR guidelines.

Build form

You can insert multiple form inputs to collect different kinds of data. Be sure to include a submit button (as that is required for every form), and an email field. The email field is required to create a subscriber in Mailchimp and needs to have the EMAIL tag added to it.

Input data

Each field that you want to send to Mailchimp, needs to have a tag. You can do so by editing the input data on a field and by adding the Mailchimp data. Each tag needs to be identical to the tag set in your Mailchimp form. That's right, you also need to build a form in Mailchimp. You only need to include the fields that you want to push to Mailchimp however, and you don't need to style the form in Mailchimp. Only the input fields will be used to connect the form to the form on the website. See this article for more info.