SiteManager Form, everything you need to know!

This article contains everything there is to know about the SiteManager form. Collect user data and distribute this data to multiple services, with only a few clicks.


With a SiteManager form, it is possible to create all different kinds of forms. A form is a method to collect data from the end user. It is possible to send this data to your own email, so you can use this data to further contact the end user. This process shouldn't just stop with an email though. With the form snippet, it is also possible to simultaneously send the data to a bunch of different locations. For example, you can send the data to your email and at the same time you can send the data to a CRM and to a marketing platform. This way you can create a profile of the end user, and you can directly add this user to a certain mailing list. You can achieve all of this in just a few clicks and without needing to know any coding shenanigans.

If you're reading this, then you probably know the added value of connecting multiple services to each other. This is something that external tools, such as Zapier and Integromat, have been providing for some time. The SiteManager form takes over the tasks of these services, so you can worry less about needing to maintain multiple tools (which come with different pricing plans), and focus more on managing your potential leads. You can still use these services (we have a default Zapier integration), in case you need a custom action, and you aren't able to create the action yourself.

Form Actions

The following actions are available out of the box:

  • Send the data to your email
  • Create a new subscriber in Mailchimp
  • Send the data to a Google Sheet
  • Send the data to Zapier
  • Create a Lead, Company and/or Opportunity in external platforms

It doesn't stop with only these actions, though. In the future, we will be providing more integrations with your favorite services. With some developer knowledge, it is also possible to connect your own custom service to the form. Any service with a decent integration system (API) can be connected to the form. Feel free to contact us if you don't want to or don't have the resources to develop these custom integrations internally. Our developers will gladly create these integrations for you!


Listed below are a bunch of articles that will help you to set up your form. These articles have been divided into 3 separate categories, so you know what's relevant to you!

General Info

  1. How to install and set up the SiteManager Form, and set up all of its actions.
  2. Dynamic dropdown options for your form
  3. How to connect the SiteManager Form to your email.
  4. How to connect the SiteManager Form to Teamleader.
  5. How to connect the SiteManager Form to Mailchimp.
  6. How to connect the SiteManager Form to Google Sheets.
  7. How to connect the SiteManager Form to Zapier
  8. How to connect your SiteManager form to external platforms?


  1. How to configure the email template and other functionalities.
  2. How to configure the datepicker.


  1. Custom input data and post actions.
  2. How to connect custom services to a form.
  3. How to use the form events, to cancel or adjust certain actions.