Workflow Guideline

How do I start working with the SiteManager Platform

1. SiteManager Studio Signup (First time only)

Create my SiteManager Account

Learn about SiteManager Platform


2. Create and manage your projects

Starting a new project

Managing your projects

Project Dashboard

Add premium modules & integrations 


3. Design app first setup

Setting colors and style

Custom fonts and pictures


4. Create your first design layout

General style editing

Header, content & footer elements

Create layout variants


5. Add content

Manage your pages

Add page components

Add plug & play databases 

Manage your image library

Powerful CMS features to add

Custom integrations 


6. Content Design

Component general styling

Component instance styling

Responsive styling


7. Custom Development


Page Components

Layout Components


Token Management

Smart Content

Custom Setup

API Call


8. Optimize your SEO & SEA

Starter guide

SEO Integrations (updating)

Manage URL redirects

Cookie settings


9. Company Management

Manage your company portfolio

Add team members to your company

Manage single project users

Discover SiteManager Add-ons


10. Go Live

Setup your domain with DNS records

Attach a domain to your project

Install SSL certificate for your domain